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Message par lucifershalo le Mar 27 Mar - 0:16

retranscris du site Atariage

So here's what we're cooking for the 30th Anniversary

Arcade Quality Controller

As you already know, this IS the controller everyone will need if you want something reliable!
Made from real arcade parts, brand new specially designed PCB
We're planning to release it in May-June .....
Super Action Pinballl will be included with the Arcade Controller

Elevator Action

Msx conversion done by the king itself; Eduardo Mello
This game is surely one of my favorite Taito game after Bubble Bobble
We're planning to release it in June/July

30th Anniversary SECRET Homebrew Project

100 special cartridges will be for sale, from the 100 cartridges, 10 will be winning carts
Having a winning carts will lead you to get a limited edition homebrew game based on a popular Arcade game .... only 30 of those will be made
This project is mainly to funds a cartridge mold

Zombie Near

An awseome game by Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez
You are a Code Delta Agent from the Special Delta Team. Delta Team’s operator has just received a message from the Government labs. Something weird has happened. Something about zombies. But before the operator could receive more information, the message suddenly stopped.
Delta Agents are given the mission to discover what’s going on. Will you survive?
This game will get release in June

Chess Challenger

Commisssioned by CollectorVision, I always wanted to have Chess Challenger on CV
Now, another unreleased game we can all marked as made!
A great new way to play the ultimate game of strategy, whether you're a novice, intermediate or expert. Pit your skill against the Colecovision or an opponent.
The program checks for valid move and follows the full legal chess moves, including castling, promotion and en passant.
Select from three degrees of artificial intelligence and move up in skill as you improve.
Moreover, you can enjoy the ability to edit position in chessboard.
This game will get release in June

Pinball Controller

Yep!, you hear it right!
A Pinball Controller will be available soon!
It'll include a CIB RollerBall Pinball game
More infos coming soon!

Lock n Chase

Your thief's robbing a local bank. Police are in hot pursuit! Make tracks down the vault corridors. Swipe gold coins and other treasures as you go! Keep one step ahead of the law! Lock doors and throw cops off your trail! Collide with a cop...he's "caught"! Keep on the run!
This game will get release this summer!
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Message par drfloyd le Mar 27 Mar - 0:46

Whaou... c'est dingue comment la Colecovision déchaine les passions 30 ans après !!!

Qui l'aurait cru en 1984 quand on a appris que CBS laissait tomber.

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[Colecovision] futurs projets Collectorvision Empty Re: [Colecovision] futurs projets Collectorvision

Message par Invité le Mar 27 Mar - 14:41

eh floyd, tu changes plus souvent d'avatar que barclay changeait de femme !!!

Sinon c'est cool pour la coleco, cependant c'est pas BFG qui développait le jeux secret pour les 30 ans ??

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