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DUKE NUKEM FOREVER - DLC.. la face cachée

Message par fofo.rider le Ven 13 Avr 2012 - 20:47

DUKE4.NET vient de publier une information très intéressante concernant le DLC de DUKE NUKEM FOREVER :

For that, Gearbox community manager Chris Faylor caught up with David Riegel and Allen Blum of Triptych Games -- the studio formed by several 3D Realms veterans to ensure that the legendary unshippable game actually saw release -- to see what they had to say about the making of The Doctor Who Cloned Me.

Extrait :

Chris Faylor:
The Doctor Who Cloned Me starts off in Area 51, a location that the Duke Nukem Forever team had discussed at various points but one that wasn't fully realized until now. Can you shed some light on that?

David Riegel:
There was never a definitive script at 3D Realms, although there was always a plan. The plan was for Duke to start in Vegas, then go to the Hoover Dam, and then to end up in Area 51. The game was constantly being worked on, and there were always some levels that were close to done and always some levels that had atrophied. When Triptych took over Duke Nukem Forever, we talked a lot about how to take the most fun parts of the game and to put them into a full story with a full plot and how to put everything together. Looking at the levels that were most important, we felt that the Duke story was really about Vegas and the Hoover Dam.

Allen Blum:
We wanted to focus on the Duke aspects and flair. All that Area 51 stuff, it wasn't very far along.

Chris Faylor:
And now, Area 51’s finally come to life in The Doctor Who Cloned Me.

David Riegel:
There were solid gameplay ideas for Area 51, so when we started thinking about a DLC campaign, we felt it would be really cool to bring them back. For example, there was an old version of the containment chamber where you go through and you get scanned by lasers and then have to dodge hostile cutting lasers on the way back. So we actually went back to the concept art from 2006, and we re-built the flow almost exactly. You move through the level in kind of a semi-circle. You go through the space and you get scanned by lasers, and then you go and have this timing gameplay on the way back.

The original concept was very similar, but the space itself and the art assets are all-new. It looks similar because we're going off the same concept art and because we're using the same kind of gameplay, but it was re-done. 100% of the art assets had to be re-done. The clone canisters are an example of something that previously existed but were re-done. They might have the same proportions and the same general look, but they had to be rebuilt. Part of the reasons for this were aesthetic, and part of the reasons were technical.

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