Diablo III > 15ème anninversaire de DIABLO

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Diablo III > 15ème anninversaire de DIABLO

Message par fofo.rider le Ven 6 Jan 2012 - 6:08

Le site dédié à Diablo III vient de faire une rétrospective sur les 15 ans de Diablo :

Diablo 15 Year Anniversary

All Hell breaks loose...
was one of the original advertising slogans for Diablo, and to this day it feels appropriately prophetic. When we unleashed Diablo at the end of 1996, we were proud of the game and eager to share it with anyone willing to delve into the deepest, darkest dungeons on a quest to destroy a legendary evil.
The series is now 15 years old, and it’s changed and grown in a number of ways, some of which we couldn’t have possibly anticipated when we started work on our first action-RPG. Diablo’s continued legacy is due, first and foremost, to a great community that embraced the series’ unique brand of multiplayer gaming -- a community that continues to find ways to coax more secrets and power out of the world of Sanctuary.


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